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Book my Services as a Guide for a Full Day or More!

I will properly set up a Plan with you in Advance that fits your specific needs.
Pick your target Fish Species for the Booked Time.
As one would naturally expect, combining targeted Fish Species is possible!
Choose between Boat or Bank Fishing and I will set you and your guests up with everything required for the Day.




Information on Accommodations and Game Park prices will be brought to you in Advance to your Trip depending on the preferred price Range per Night. In general 50-150€ per Night for 2x persons


250$ per day

My Car is your home, Eat, Drink and feel comfortable. Price includes: Drinks, Lunchbox, Safety Equipment, Cooler, Ice, Transportation and Base-Camp on Fishing Spots. ***Day Rate Charges for the Car will not apply if we are on a Boat the full Day !***

$150 per day

To make sure you have the trip of a Lifetime these Guiding costs are not only covering the knowledge on where and when to catch, or go but include professional fishing gear as well.



50$ per Hour

Local Boats including Gasoline and Driver, currently big enough to hold a max of 3 people. ***Day Rate Charges for the Car will not apply if we are on a Boat the full Day !***

Lets plan your trip ! Use the Form below and get in contact with us today.